Electronics and Products Destruction

Electronics Destruction

Now more than ever, consumers and businesses accumulate a large amount of electronic waste. There is an endless and continuous cycle of purchases made of new mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. As a result, businesses and consumers are left with the dilemma of how to safely dispose of old and outdated equipment. Aside from the obvious environmental concerns, throwing electronic waste in the garbage is against the law in many cities and towns.

With the rise in number of electronic devices, it has expanded the opportunities for identity thieves and cyber criminals to steal personal information. Erasing hard drives often do not completely wipe sensitive data, allowing thieves to virtually undelete and recover secure and personal information.

Safe Shredding can eliminate any concerns of stolen data by shredding any electronic equipment

If you have obsolete hardware, CD’s, DVD’s, Disks, Hard Drives, or Tapes, please contact us today for pricing on secure destruction.

Product Destruction
Contact us today for pricing on your obsolete uniforms, clothing, promotional material or other various products that you need to have destroyed. Our trucks are capable of destroying most materials on site at your location.